Data Backup

Implementing an adequate data backup and restore policy is vital to the operation of your business, providing secure and monitored data backups to multiple offsite locations pmdTech will ensure that your information and files are safe and easily to restore in case of any data loss, security breach or corruption.  In addition we provide consultancy and services to ensure GPRD compliance.

Data Security Services

Tailor made packages to suit your organisations needs

Your business will employ a wide range of technology devices from smartphones to tablets, laptops, desktop PC’s and servers.  A pmdTech support package will ensure protection against the latest cyber security threats.  It doesn’t stop there, we also educate users in best practices in IT & Technology security.

Free Site Survey

A complimentary service that will very quickly identify the systems and services that your business will benefit from employing.

Premium Support

All our services come with 24/7 support and complete satisfaction in regard to the performance of your IT & Technology systems.

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